Tuesday, 8 May 2012

its her day!! =)


waddup guysss?? okey or KO?? haha. owh never mind. i didnt care. (*jahat nye!! lantakk!! =D )

owh HAPPY 5th BIRHTDAY to my little princess (8th of may) Dhamira!! love love u sistah!!

may u have a good life, and always under the protection of Allah.
akak cant give u present this year due to "kemerosotan ekonomi",
soryyy!! sobs (u____u)
but i promise u, next year u will get the big big present okey!!  
but if my "kemerosotan ekonomi" tak berulang lahhh.
if yes, u have to ask ayah for ur present okey deary. hihi.. =P

ayah, mak, and kakak(me) will always love u forever and aftah!!
make our parents proud of u now and in the future,
i know u can be a better person than me. 
u are my one and only sista that i have and i hope u know that i love u very damn much!!
no one can ever replace u as my sista!! 

ur kakak. =)

me, mak, n sista. =)