Monday, 9 May 2011

again... im hurting him..=(


hei korang..
long time no see huh..sowi kali ni mls nk ltk picture.. n actually mls nk tls.. but.. sebabkan bosan yg amat.. tulis la jgak.. who cares!! if i dont write anything.. im not a writer.. n this is my blog anyway.. no one concern.. huhhh!! actually tday.. eh no.. semalam.. i da hurting someone.. the guy that im in lov now.. n im keep doing it.. always when emosi i tak stabil.. n which is i really really dont like n dont mean it.. haihh!!again.. mengeluh.. n post kali ni penuh ngn keluhan sbb i nye fikiran asyik fikir "ble la i nk start put my trust again towards someone with me now"..
i nk sgt dpat kan blik kepercayaan i pde llki.. but ntah mcm ssa kowt.. sgt ssah.. da try.. but it be more complicated.. kesian dye.. tepakse besabar ngn i.. but when im thinking what happen to me bfore.. i feel like more harder to put my trust on him.. bkan i nk gtau psal hal peribadi i kat lam blog ni.. n ask all readers to kesian kat i.. but for what actually nk kesian right?? rmai lg kowt yg pernah mengalami bende sme.. n myb event worst then me.. xde pown dowg nk ckp kat owg len..
but ni blog i.. owg ckp blog ley tlis ape je right?? so im now writing.. write anything yg bermain kat lam kepale i.. lau xde pape kat lam kple i.. so no post from me.. thats me.. bkan ad bakat menulis pown.. just jadi kan blog tmpat luah kan perasaan.. i dont care if no one reading.. but i care if i skit mental one day kalau i tak tulis or luah kan pd sesiape.. its not sesiape actually.. its ape.. haha.. not u guys.. this blog.. this wall.. this post.. make me release my tension.. n thanks lau sudi bce post2 i yg actually bende yg ad lam fikiran i..

p/s: for the one and only.. syg im sorry for not being a good girl for u.. n slalu hurting u.. n slalu wat u skit hati.. im sorry,..i know tht my sorry means nothing.. coz its recently happen.. but im truly cant force my self to trust again.. again.. sorry.. =(