Monday, 5 December 2011

this deep in my heart.

deep in my heart.

i had a dream to have a perfect lover, that have everything, and can give me everything i want. but its happen when i was little. when i dont even know what loves is, what its all about.

but now. i am still have a dream love story, a dream to have not a perfect love. but almost perfect n just perfect for two of us. perfect in our eyes. its okay not perfect for others, but in our worlds of love. its just two of us living there happy being with each other.

i want he love me as me. not a girl that he create in his mind and a girl that he want me to be. 
i just want him to always be with me. to share my happiness and sober that happen in my life.
that not shy to show his love to me. and knows how to express his feeling towards me.
that not dare to hurts me and cant bare looking my eyes filled with tears.

me might be have fallen in love. but always with a wrong one. always with someone who dont even know to keep that love properly. till im scared. not to love. but scared to trust in love. its hurts instead. when someone says they will never hurt us. but it happen over and over again. sometimes its funny to hear that tough.

yes, when we bring all the history back to the new relationship. its may hurt the feeling of the new him.
but what if it happen all over again?? what if the new one make the old scares bleed again??

sorry lah ter-emo lak memalam neh. ni lah name nye meroyan merindu. habis omputeh aku hentam kromo. ntah betol ke idak aku pon tak tau. muahaha.

hesh ape jadah nye aku tulis entry sambil dengar lagu ziana zain kat suria cinta neh. sadis sadis. nak nanges pulok. sebelom banjir bilik aku baik aku pegi tido cepat cepat. kbai.

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